Women in Aikido

We tend to assume that since a woman possesses less physical strength than a man, she would find it difficult to defend herself in a physical attack. However, Aikido teaches us otherwise. Women on average tend to be shorter and have a lower centre of gravity which makes them particularly suited for this hip-oriented, graceful martial art.

Aikido is known as “The Way of Peace”. This explains the non-competitive nature behind the principle of Aikido training. Size, weight, age and physical strength play a minimal role in becoming an Aikido practitioner. This martial art is not based on fighting force with force. But rather redirect the energy of your attacker by using throws and restraining techniques. By doing so, you will learn how to control the attack by using minimal force.

Whilst learning how to defend yourself against physical attacks, you will improve your physical fitness and learn how to focus your mind which can be used to positively enrich your everyday life. You will learn how to stay calm in times of stress and directly enhance your self-confidence and spiritual well being.

Aikido practice involves no weapons. All techniques are carried out bare handed and are aimed to stimulate real life situations.

Where gracefulness of movement and technical expertise are most valuable, women can certainly hold their own. Mixed practice is also doubly beneficial. It teaches a woman to overcome a physically stronger person by sheer movements.

The effectiveness of this art is attained by minimal muscle power or loss of any gracefulness.

The most common attacks on women are rear holds, arm and shoulder holds, chokes and the most common of all, wrist grabbing. Aikido training involves learning how to safely handle with minimal efforts these types of attacks amongst many more.

After just a couple of weeks training, one will discover that with such simple yet precise movements, one can control the aggressor by utilisation of body momentum and various skills.

Benefits of training include:

* Awareness

* Inner strength development

* Ability to remain calm and think clearly during times of stress

* Increased self esteem and confidence

* Ability to overcome fear during times of crisis

When you join, you will have the advantage of learning how to control various attacks from men as well and build confidence with existing Aikido students.


Aikido Women Instructors Seminars 2006